03/21/14  Mascot Audition Information

03/21/14  The Midnight Hour Audition Inf...

03/21/14  The D-Pad Audition Information

03/08/14  Cross Symphonica Orchestra Try...


03/21/14  Mascot Audition Information

03/21/14  The Midnight Hour Audition Inf...

03/20/14  The D-Pad Audition Information

03/07/14  Cross Symphonica Orchestra Try...




06/03/14 - Anime Apex 2014 Postponed

 Hello everyone.

It's with the heaviest of hearts that I am typing these words to you all. With just a fortnight left until
Apex's premiere, we are deeply saddened to announce that we will have to cancel Anime Apex 2014.
Due to several other events in the Tampa area having issues with their hotels, the Sheraton Tampa East
hotel unexpectedly decided to ask for their entire payment at once and gave us only two days to deliver
it. Sadly, there was just no way we were able to get the full amount in the minimal time alloted. For this,
we could not be apologetic enough. We are still hopeful that we will be able to bring you the convention
the community wants and deserves in the future; however, it will not be the weekend of June 13th, as
we had anticipated.

The good news is that the convention isn't dead! We have already begun planning for Apex's re-premier!
Please understand that this may take a bit. As I mentioned before, this pains me greatly. I hope
everyone understands that this was beyond our control and I greatly appreciate everyone who had
bought tickets and vendor/artist space. I am also terribly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
So, until we have a new dates and a new home, all passes that have been bought will remain valid until
the day of the new event. If you have purchased a Weekend Pass we will upgrade you to a free VIP Pass.
If you've bought a VIP Pass we will upgrade you to a Founders Pass. As for Vendors and Artists, if you've
already paid, we will hold your tables until the new event and you will also receive Weekend Passes.

We are sorry if this isn't what everyone wanted; however, we are doing everything with our power to
make up for this.


CEO, Anime Apex, LLC
Bryant Siegfried

05/19/14 - Sorry to Announce.

 We are sorry to say that cosplayer Heather L33t and cosplayer Jennifer Ann will no longer be working with Anime Apex. Due to a scheduling conflict, neither will be able to attend Anime Apex 2014 as a special guest. We are sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience this causes anyone. Anime Apex still has plenty of exciting things and guests in store, however, so stay tuned!

04/28/14 - Panels are now open!

Anime Apex is announcing scheduled panels for Anime Apex 2014!

If you're looking to host a panel, simply go to www.myconsonline.com. If you already have an account and / or know how to sign up for a panel, do so! If you do not already have an account, the "Sign Up" button is located conveniently next to the "Home" button. Once you have an account, log in. Click on the "select" button next to "Anime Apex 2014" under the list of 2014 conventions. Click the "events/ panels" button on the left hand side of the screen (it will be one of several gray buttons listed). Click on the "create your own event/panel" button. This is a white rectangle located just to the right of the "Search" tab. Then, get creative! After that, come to Anime Apex on June 13, 14, or 15 (or all three days!) and share your panel/event with the Apex family!

We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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